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IMG_4112 (Custom)

Africa Continent ITAL Earrings

IMG_4111 (Custom)

Pink Ankh African Print Earrings

IMG_4110 (Custom)

Purple Ankh African Print Earrings

IMG_4109 (Custom)

Red Ankh African Print Earrings

IMG_4108 (Custom)

Yellow Ankh African Print Earrings

IMG_4107 (Custom)

Blue Ankh African Print Earrings

IMG_4106 (Custom)

Green Ankh African Print Earrings

IMG_4105 (Custom)

YellowAfrica Queen Earrings

IMG_4104 (Custom)

Blue Africa Queen Earrings

IMG_4103 (Custom)

Purple Africa Queen Earrings

IMG_4102 (Custom)

Orange Africa Queen Earrings

IMG_4101 (Custom)

Green Africa Queen Earrings

IMG_4100 (Custom)

Red Africa Queen Earrings

IMG_4099 (Custom)

Bob Marley Ital Earrings

IMG_4098 (Custom)

Bob Marley Earrings

IMG_4097 (Custom)

White Groovy Female Earrings

IMG_4096 (Custom)

White Ethnic Earrings

IMG_4095 (Custom)

Lg Dark Brown Africa Continent Earrings

IMG_4094 (Custom)

Lg Black Africa Continent Earrings

IMG_4092 (Custom)

Lg Light Brown African Continent Earrings

IMG_4091 (Custom)

Black Hieroglyphics Ankh Earrings

IMG_4090 (Custom)

Dark Brown Hieroglyphics Ankh Earrings

IMG_4089 (Custom)

Light Brown Hieroglyphics Ankh Earrings

IMG_4088 (Custom)

Light Brown Ankh Earrings

IMG_4087 (Custom)

Black Ankh Earrings

IMG_4086 (Custom)

Dark Brown Ankh Earrings

IMG_4085 (Custom)

African One Love Earrings

IMG_4084 (Custom)

Sm Light Brown African Continent Earrings

IMG_4083 (Custom)

Sm Black Africa Continent Earrings

IMG_4082 (Custom)

Sm Dark Brown Africa Continent Earrings

IMG_4081 (Custom)

ITAL Earrings


Wooden Elephant Earrings


Black Power ITAL Earrings


African Print Female Earrings


Nigeria Flag Earrings


Antigua and Barbuda Flag Earrings


USVI Flag Earrings


Grenada Flag Earrings


Ital Earrings


St. Lucia Flag Earrings


Dominica Flag Earrings


St. Kitts and Nevis Flag Earrings

IMG_4110 (Custom)

African Print Purple Ankh Earrings

IMG_4111 (Custom)

African Print Ankh Earrings